Colorful cotton table linens have always been a part of my life. My mom says that she started collecting them out of nostalgia for her grandmother's kitchen. They have always felt like a through-line connecting me to my mom and her family.

Like the colorful tablecloths and flour sack towels of my own childhood, Alloro linens are cheerful and casual yet add a little bit of fancy, making a friendly welcoming table. 

I'm a printmaker and a professor. I've taught for Indiana University, University of Iowa and The University of Georgia's study abroad program in Cortona, Italy. 

I move a lot in my life as a printmaker. Each time that I set up house in a new location I get to reëxamine what objects make a new house into a home for me. Relocating time and again, I've learned that well made, to be well used, means home to me. 

I source my natural dyes and pigments from France and the linen comes from my travels in Italy.  

Currently, I design, print and sew all of my linens in my studio in my home town of Seattle, WA. 

Thanks for taking an interest in my work. And be sure to check back for more designs....

- Amanda Lee